Monday, October 18, 2010

Tula Louise

Tula is still our BIG bundle of (loud, barking, messy, smelly, loving, crazy, cute, sweet) joy. She keeps us on our toes and lets us know when she is not happy. She is very vocal and likes to tell Brandon exactly what she thinks.

She loves to play with other dogs when she goes to the kennel, but is still working on doggie communication, and needs to have time-outs, just like at home. It's a good thing she does so well there as it has been her home away from home this summer with all of our weddings and trips.

She is really a good dog, or at least we think she wants to become a good dog :) We love her and wouldn't change her for anything!

She loves the Packers and thinks Aaron Rodgers is her boyfriend. One day Brandon said something bad about him and she went nuts!
She helps rake the leaves...

Here is a cute one, just relaxin...

She likes to climb into the bath tub when I'm getting ready...

How pathetic :).................... We call this porn puppy when she does it

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  1. Love all the pictures and the news!!! Thanks for sharing! Miss you guys!